The DEI 2.0 strategic plan represents the University of Michigan’s continued commitment to ensuring a diverse, equitable and inclusive community with even more sharply defined goals, new innovations and investments, and enhanced measures of accountability—shaped and informed by our own university community. We will continue to test new ideas, assess our progress and have difficult conversations about tough issues. We will continue to listen, and we will learn as we move forward—together. 

The University of Michigan’s DEI 2.0 Central Plan was shaped in part through campuswide conversations, town halls with faculty, students and staff, information sessions on the climate survey and DEI 1.0 evaluation report and other community engagement events organized by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI).

In addition, each of the university’s 51 planning units conducted its own engagement activities, sharing unit-level climate survey data and evaluations of their unit’s previous DEI Strategic Plan, DEI 1.0. Feedback from students, faculty and staff collected during these events was analyzed and synthesized to identify key themes and priorities, and information was shared with executive officers, deans, the president and the provost.

In collaboration with these leaders, ODEI then refined the list of priorities and developed central action items for the DEI 2.0 plan.

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