Carol Hollenshead Inspire Award

Recognizes faculty, staff, and students (either an individual or a group) whose sustained efforts have resulted in greater equity with regard to gender, race, class, age, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Circle Award, La Celebración Latina

Given to persons who have made significant contributions to the harmony and strength of the Latino and University communities through their work, leadership and service.

Cornerstone Award

Recognizes the unique contributions and assistance provided by a member of faculty and/or staff to enhance the academic and social progress of African American students at U-M.

Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award

Given to staff demonstrating extraordinary commitment and dedication to diversity at U-M.

Ida Gray Award

Presented to a dental student, faculty member and a dental school alumnus who promotes diversity throughout the U-M School of Dentistry.

Harold Johnson Diversity Service Award

Recognizes faculty whose service contributes to the development of a culturally and ethnically diverse campus community.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Awards

Honors students for their commitment to social justice in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Library Diversity Award

Given to a library staff member or group who promotes and embodies the ideas of the Library Diversity Program.

James S. Jackson Distinguished Career Award for Diversity Scholarship

Recognizes a senior U-M faculty member who has contributed important to understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion through research, scholarship and creative endeavors, who is an outstanding teacher and mentor, and whose work has focused on issues of importance to underrepresented communities.

James T. Neubacher Award

Presented to a faculty, staff, student, or alum of U-M for significant achievements in: empowering people with disabilities, advocating for or advancing disability rights or disability justice and/or increasing the accessibility of programs and services to promote disability inclusion.

Michigan Difference Student Leadership Awards

Recognizes and celebrates students at U-M who are doing remarkable things.

Shirley Verrett Award

Recognizes a faculty member whose work –  including teaching, performance, scholarship, or service – supports the success of female students or faculty in the arts who come from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds.

University Diversity & Social Transformation Professorship

Honors senior faculty who have throughout their careers demonstrated a commitment to the University’s ideals of DEI through their scholarship, teaching, and/or service and engagement.