Organizational Learning is offering a selection of DEI courses to equip individuals with the skills necessary to promote inclusiveness in the workplace and society at large. These brief courses promise a lasting impact on both your personal and professional life.

LGBTQIA+: An Introduction to Inclusive Language

Language helps us acknowledge, respect and affirm the diversity at U-M. This course will discuss roadblocks and challenges some people face when using inclusive language and share strategies to make practicing easier.

Understanding Privilege

Privilege is complex and can affect different people in different ways. This course will explore the nuances around privilege as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Change it Up!

Learning these bystander intervention skills will help build inclusive, respectful and safe communities. This course will offer insight into your social responsibility.

Learn More About Culture Change and DEI

Culture Change Foundations: Improving Workplace Climate

This foundational course will guide learners through the first step in embarking on a culture change journey.

Leadership and Culture: Creating a Positive Work Environment

Managers who understand organizational culture and climate are better equipped to create inclusive environments where employees feel valued.

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